biro. The ball pen, a writing instrument, is often used as the starting point to every idea, thought and creative process; a means of expression through the artistry of words and drawings.

Here to change the way the world views the basics of menswear, biro stems from the need of original designs in men’s fashion, with a philosophy that true craftsmanship is expressed through individuality, passion and style.

The minimalist approach in design keeps the focus of the brand on quality, combining carefully sourced premium materials from around the globe with precise tailoring from artisans in Japan.

With quality and detail at its heart, biro creates timeless wardrobe staples that combine the skills of master artisan from heritage Japan with an international perspective to meet the desires of a new community that seeks a deeper experience than offered by mass production and be the anchor amid fashion’s shifting tides.


例えばボールペン、それは筆記用具であり様々なアイデア、思考、創造性プロセスが生まれる瞬間に用いられるもの; いわば文字や描写を芸術的手法によって表現するためもの。

真の職人技とは、個性や情熱 品位を兼ね備え表現されるという哲学、そんなメンズファッションにおける本来のニーズから誕生したbiroは 今、これまでのメンズウェアのイメージを変えていきます。デザインは最小限に抑え、世界中の極上な素材と日本の高度な仕立て技が織りなす品質にこだわりました。品質とディテールを誇る。