Why Did biro Choose To Make Its Products In Japan?

There is constant surge of fashion brands all over the world. While staying relevant, innovative and to some extend competitive. The question of origin and country of manufacturing comes into the picture from time to time. To some, it actually matters.

 This is inarguably, the most commonly asked question for biro. To begin with, the fact is we love Japan, the culture, the spirit, the people and the surroundings. It is just like a beautifully painted picture. And we love to drink over business meetings(smile). Chatting with the fabric millers to manufacturers to their friends and families. We want to build long lasting relationships; with all these people and extending them through our products to our consumers. This is a very important process for biro, to create not only products but products that have a story with deep rooted essence.

 We went through a research & development phase for 3 years before releasing our biro to the world. Through the years, we went to visit over 15 factories and millers. 5 of them in Japan and over 10 in the rest of Asia. Having long discussions, making samples and having setbacks with them really let us understand what do we actually need to find and ultimately, seek to achieve. A product that is of the highest end possible in regards to the quality of fabric, craftsmanship and the way it is fashionably designed.

 These valuable experiences together with quality, craftsmanship and relationship is what biro stands for. We hope to continue build these qualities with our manufactures, products and to eventually extend these qualities to the way we want to engage with our end consumers.

 Following is our MIJ values and direction.


Made In Japan. The development and perfection of craftsmanship is of paramount importance in all age-old traditions of Japan.

Uncompromising eorts of every artisan, with meticulous attention in the entire supply chain during production deliver products of the highest accuracy down to the nest details. A strong sense of attachment to the products is also build.

From sourcing premium fabrics, to cutting, sewing and putting on the nishing touches, the clothing ateliers blend the traditional with the revolutionary to form clothing that gives wearers a style of their own. The result, products that invigorate our daily life.


日本製。 熟練され、精巧さを極めた職人技こそ、日本が最も誇る伝統文化です。 精巧に作られた製品をお届けする為、どの職人も、どの行程においても、細部にまで気を配り、妥協を許さず作り上げています。 だからこそ愛着と誇りを持ってお勧めできるのです。