While In Tokyo - SIDE A

Approaching day-break, there comes a beautiful sunrise across the vast horizon. Rising literally in seconds over the land of Japan. While appreciating what nature has to offer, you either not think about anything at all, or you think of those dearest moments to you. We think therefore we are.


Fujin StreetInto The Blue


Cotton Flowers


3 days Of Work Near The 798m Rainbow Bridge


Chillin' At Daikanyama


Giant Sky Wheel In Palette Town


Watching Out (JP)

We tend to have a lot of time to ourselves when we travel alone. We become more vigilant, alert and aware of our surroundings & the people around us. At the same time, it feels like almost nothing else matters.


A Fine Divide


Just A Cone




Lane Way 


Autumn.. Soon.


Level Up




Grand Nikko


Outfitted In Modal


Before It Gets Busy


On an average night in Tokyo, and as a foreigner, one tend to be a-little excited to hunt for a nice Izakaya / bar to go to. Not necessary the best reviewed or by word of mouth. Its more about walking the alleys and indulging in the whole experience. It could be about the surroundings, the people thats already there, the layout of the the tables and chairs, what furniture were used, the over-hanging lanterns, plants by the road side, neon lighted signages along the street, etc.


A Big Y

Have a Thing or Two for These Outdoor Seatings


Kirin Made 


Lights To Draw the Crowds


The Boss Seat


Love Hotel


People Watching


Been Awhile


Walking Quickly


All Blacks


Ginza Music Bar


DJ Craft


Drawstring Pants. Coming Soon.


Taxis In Tokyo


There were alot less visits to the popular chains such as Beams, United Arrows, Ships, Isetan Shinjuku this time. It is perhaps we have come to an understanding of what we want for ourselves and feeling not inspired by what they are offering anymore. Over the years, we have moved from looking at product offerings in retail spaces to watching & understanding consumer behaviours in a given market and to what experiences we can offer differently.


Bicycles Shot


Green Tiled Building - Dentsu


Hunting At Naka Meguro


Outside A Vintage Store


Vintage Store. Friend's Store.




Crazy Night


As always for us, new business opportunities are formed over many rounds of drinking. Not sure if thats a Japanese culture or our habit. Crazy night it may seemed, but it is all well worth it.

Back at Nakameguro the next morning for brunch. Unusual to not have dinner and drinks with these guys, but this time, we welcome a new addition to the family - Asahi.


Starbucks Reserve


Naka Meguro




Coffee Time


“Everyday I watch her grow up so fast, sometimes I look at myself and wonder, have I grown up?” - Kei