What Did We Learnt About Fashion In China

Last year we took a trip up to Shanghai, where we spent a good time participating in its fashion week, meeting new people, cafes / bars hopping, sightseeing and exploring local culture. This is a collection of images and clips put together during our adventure through this fascinating city.

Witness - Hope Springs Eternal [Nujabes Tribute]

Post WarPost War

The Far Out CollectionThe Far Out Collection

Made in Japan, OkayamaMade in Japan, Okayama

On The WayOn The Way

We have travelled to a few cities the last couple of years for fashion trade shows, fashion weeks and exploring new partnership opportunities. For too long, we've missed out on what seemingly is the most interesting fashion market in Asia. There are several cities of different tiers in China and any of it's market is easily bigger than what we have locally. Their market grows fast and at a ferociously pace. Anything that you may experienced 6 months ago will be different 6 months after and being better. When all seem to be banking on e-commerece sales and engagements of Key-Opinion-Leaders whom are responsible for the tens of thousands of sales per day, it quickly shift to the concept of having brick and mortar once more to complement the online presence. An approximate 100 new malls opened in Shanghai in 2017 and more pop-ups and collaborations with spaces starts to emerge over time.

Ontime Show At West BundOntime Show At West Bund

An Old WarehouseAn Old Warehouse

Chinese Designer ShowcaseChinese Designer Showcase

West BundWest Bund

A Break During The ShowA Break During The Show

LabelhoodCrowd Waiting Anxiously In The Rain For The Show To Begin

Designer ShowcaseDesigner Showcase

Street VibesStreet Vibes

April 2017, Shanghai, the sky was grey and the city looks gloomy. Making way to the venue, facades change intriguingly and more people dressing fashionably and tastefully starts to emerge. The various shows' locations were also interestingly located and nicely done up. The transition from glooms to colours and vibrancy was enthralling to us. In Shanghai alone, there would be around 6 tradeshows / showrooms combined and several runways showcasing their local talents. The total number of designers participating amounts to around a thousand with a smaller percentage of foreign brands. "Huge market - you got to get into it." Many would have said this; especially coming from relative smaller and slow market like Singapore. This would also mean, you will be competing with the 999+ over designers compared to the handful you are facing back home. Our take for this is, its just another set of challenge, continue to be good at what you are doing and see how you will weave it into the market in a different way to stand out.

The Garden BridgeThe Garden Bridge

New York LikeNew York Like



Beautiful CafeBeautiful Cafe

Burberry With The Largest Interactive Display In The WorldBurberry With The Largest Interactive Display In The World

Pretty StreetPretty Street

Bar No. 3Bar No. 3

The BundThe Bund

Subsequently, we made more trips to Shanghai. Not denying the fact that its a huge market, but it was the freshness, passion and vibrancy of the scene there that attracts us. We were lucky to be able to meet great people along the way which translate into meaningful relationships and business opportunities as well. The level of energy wasn't what we expected when we first decided to come to Shanghai. Those that I have met, they have a true earnest to want to make things better for the industry. This vibrant work culture, combined with the market openings, has made Shanghai one of the fastest growing fashion capital internationally.

Always On The MoveAlways On The Move


Canvas TeeCanvas Tee

As much as the number of Chinese consumers stereotyped for their constant consumption of luxury products in unimaginable volume. There is also a fast growing number of Chinese that are discerning and wants to be more individual and to seek brand experiences. Ultimately as we know it, and as far as we are concerned, we will continue to strive on our brand story, imagery and beliefs to make it appeal to whichever city we are going to enter.

The Oriental PearlThe Oriental Pearl

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