The Made In Japan Factor

Before launching biro in 2013, we spent 3 years doing continuous research & development. A lot of trial and error was involved. We have visited and dealt with several factories across Asia (China, Hong Kong, Indonesia) and most of them delivered poor results. Just when we thought we should dropped the idea, a holiday travel in Japan turned into a business trip as we went knocking on doors of the factories usually residing in the more rural part of the island.

Some of these factories deals with big companies and international brands such as Comme Des Garcons, Vivienne Westwood Japan and Levis Vinatge Clothing Japan etc. It didn't matter that we were just starting out or non comparable to those companies in terms of scale. We just gave a shot anyway.


Vivienne WestwoodVivienne Westwood


Many have asked, why must we make the clothes in Japan knowing that the costs are so high. When we decided to make quality menswear back in 2010, we already have an idea of the standard of worksmanship that we are looking for. Maybe we have developed the eye for detailing since young as we would tagged along our tailor mum whenever she goes sourcing for fabric and accessories around central area. We have also watched her make garments from scratch to finish and understood how particular issues on small little details affects the beauty of a product.

Superfly Jacket


Superfly JacketSuperfly Jacket - SHOP NOW


Futhermore, a denim enthusiast since 10 years ago. Kage has been collecting some of the best made jeans from around the world, paying much attention to the choice of fabric, stitching, patterns and hardware. 

Not coming entirely from a fashion design angle, we tend to skew towards producing well made products. Products that can withstand the test of time, gets better with age and bears a artisanal value with a strong story to tell.  


International Model, Noma HanInternational Model, Noma Han wearing LAX TEE - SHOP NOW


The development and perfection of craftsmanship is of paramount importance in all age-old traditions of Japan. Perhaps many may think that any factories would be able to replicate the same clothes at similar quality and faster with better technology. But the difference is the lack in human touch and the sense of attachment built in every product. Overtime, to us, a well made product not only looks good asthetically, but it involves the uncompromising efforts and careful thoughts of every artisan, with meticulous attention in the entire supply chain during the entire course of production. biro products embodies the pride and spirit of Japanese craftsmanship while delivering the highest accuracy down to the finest details. 

 From sourcing, cutting, sewing and to the finishes, we strives to blend the traditonal japanese techniques with the revolutionary to give any individual a style of their own. Through its journey and experience, the brand will continue to adhere to high quality manufacturing methods, even anywhere in the world; as long as its resonates the made in japan factor.


Model in NYC Wearing Mens Tee

Model in NYC Wearing Mens Tee

Model in NYC Wearing Mens TeeModel in NYC Wearing Mens Tee