biro. a brand. a pen. a starting point.

It didn’t take us very long to decide to use this name, but the process of coming to this name was through a lot of hit and misses. biro, a classic term of a ballpoint pen.

Born in BudapestHungary,[2] in 1899, László József Bíró invented the modern ballpoint pen. This technology was invented back then to make sure that the ink writing dries up faster on paper as oppose to a fountain pen (especially important for users that requires to pen notes, ideas, quickly without having the ink smudged). These pens were also supplied to the Royal Air Force crew of United Kingdom as they work better at high altitude.

These days, the biro pen is so commonly used but we almost forgot the fact how it came about through its extensive years of research, development and innovation.

Biro to us is the fundamental and most integral part of the development process. It is the tool that we first use to lay ideas into our notepads, illustrations onto our scrapbook, and even signature for any important documents along the way. It is the transcendental origin of ideas, drafts, and blueprints.

As important as the original ideas, we apply the very same theory while at work for our clothing line. Constantly sourcing world class manufacturing techniques and laying our ideas onto exquisite, premium fabrics.

Biro is a symbolism of a master tool. Refined, graceful, precise, personal and expansive. We manufacture products that combine both beauty and craftsmanship by paying special attention to little details and the materials used.

Furthermore, biro builds its brand on relationships and story telling. For every product we create, we share the story behind it. For that, the word biro perfectly sums up everything.