Okayama - The Mecca Of Denim

Let's start off by some images to give you a better understanding. When we say Okayama denim, it is actually referring to Kojima, a small town within Okayama prefecture that produces one of the world best denim today.


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We have a half day tour with a renowned company here that supply and manufacture for some of the best brand in the denim game. Here is the short article .

Kojima actually stands for small island in Japanese. 'Ko' refer to small and 'jima' refer to island. Kojima is a man made reclaimed land and the water here is perfect for the growth of cotton.

Apart from just the cultivation of their own domestic cotton, the real deal lies behind those machineries they possess and the master craftsmen who are the living legend of this trade.


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While Levis is one of the most famous denim jeans maker in the world, the introduction of modern looms that bring production rate to a higher level drives Cone mill to closure in 1990s. Traditional shuttle looms that produces beautiful Selvedge denim are not preferred any more. During this period of time, denim manufacturers in Okayama are reproducing vintage levis style denim jeans. The master craftsmen behind those traditional shuttle looms once again revive the selvedge denim era.




Denim in The MakingDenim in The Making


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