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Canvas T

Handcrafted with a 5000 year old authentic traditional natural dying technique that is almost extinct. Through wears and washes, this natural color will fade and add aesthetics and authenticity to the garment. We chose to use 100% certified Indian organic cotton cultivated without the use of any artificial fertilizers and chemicals, also renowned for its luxurious soft characteristic.

The company we are working with focuses entirely on environmentally friendly vegetable dying process. It took years of trial and error and steady development to revive the Natural Indigo Dyeing Fermentation Process.

Sustainable manufacturing which brings about social improvement & environmental awareness.

Preserving & caring for this beautiful garment, we recommend the following:

Do not soak or bleach.
Use natural or light washing detergent.
Wash separately or with like colors for the first 3 washes.
(Color bleeding may occur for the first three washes, this is a natural process for natural dyed fabric)
Turn inside out for washing, drying and ironing.
Machine gentle wash at warm.
Tumble dry low.


Canvas T Sleeve DetailCanvas T Sleeve Detail




Canvas T TagCanvas T Tag


Organic Cotton Tote & Shoulder BagOrganic Cotton Tote & Shoulder Bag


more information:

Plant derived natural dye Indigo: Indigofera tinctoria

These fresh leaves are fermented in a high alkili solution to dissolve the indican.Indican is a colourless organic compound that is soluble in water, naturally occurring in Indigofera plants and a precursor of indigo dye.Then they are stirred, beaten or actually run around in by laborers to oxidize the liquid which is then allowed to settle. The top liquid discarded, and the end sludge collected as pigment which can then be used in a reduction vat for dyeing.


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