It's Time: F. CLASSIC Drawstring Denim

Fundamental, Forever, Future

biro is in its seventh year. We have grown and matured, and have come to the realisation that our brand should embody the spirit, character and humanity that come with growing up in a unique and multi-cultural environment- our home, Singapore.

With that in mind, the new biro’s F. Classic concept is our step-forward to evolve the brand from one that “makes clothes in Japan using traditional machineries and skilled craftsmen” to one that tells the full story behind each product - choice of fabric, its partnership with others and the underlying philosophy.

With the launch of the F. Classic Drawstring Denim, we would like to share the new and elevated philosophy behind biro. Besides adhering to high standard of manufacturing processes in Japan, we would like to bring emphasis to other values such as humanity, inter-personal learning and social awareness and responsibility of the fashion business. Beyond transactions, we look forward to building more meaningful human connections with our partners, suppliers, collaborators and customers. 


These are the values we aim to embed into our daily living, or otherwise known as the 3 Fs of the F. Classic - Fundamental, Forever and Future.

In my pocket

One ballpoint pen Fundamental called Bonds Ink is Blood and Sweat Rain falling like Love Tears clear like Sea Beautiful Point It is Origin Beautiful Lines It is Story Beautiful Circle It is Forever

Space orbit

Sun and Earth Rotation and Gravity

Perfect harmony

Envelop Gentle air

Colors and Patterns

Learn from nature Imagination and Creation Learn from nature

The Future is

In your pocket

Kohei Miyai


“More and more, words can’t adequately convey our ideas and thoughts - they can only be felt and understood in one's heart.”


Tale of the biro Drawstring Denim 

In 2016, we created one of our signature denim jeans - The Drawstring Denim which departed from our regular straight cut 5-pocket, button fly denim. The collection won the Blueprint award the year before and subsequently was showcased in Liberty Fairs NYC as part of the prizes. Once officially launched, it became one of our fastest selling bottoms, despite its relatively higher price tag for a local label.


Drawstring Denim 2016Drawstring Denim 2016

From Kojima, Okayama - Japan’s Denim Capital to Hiroshima - Birth of Japan’s First Pair of Jeans.

biro F. CLASSIC Drawstring Denim (2020) is the recreation of the 2016 model using weaves from Okayama and Hiroshima’s finished raw denim. We were inspired by a trip back to the origin where jeans were first made in Japan.

In the Fukuyama City of Hiroshima, known to the world for the atomic bombing, there is also a story where resilience and innovative manufacturing brought change to Hiroshima’s domestic production woes during the 60s. The beauty of these denim from Hiroshima lies in the inspiring story of how factories were forced to change their yarn dying processes to intense rope dying, and incorporating kasuri manufacturing process in order to achieve the distinctive fading characteristics in their denim fabric during a turbulent time.


Image: Kuroki





With the fabric masterfully weaved on selvedge looms in Okayama and roped dyed in Hiroshima, the biro F. CLASSIC Drawstring Denim (2020) features patchwork like design with contrasting white stitching details in a relaxed tapered cut. The drawstring is finished off with a white leather tip. Deliberately left unwashed, every wearer can break them in just right. The jeans was designed to provide comfort, ease of wear for everyday while bearing the characteristic to have it seasoned / aged over time, to make it uniquely yours.


F. CLASSIC Drawstring Denim

F. CLASSIC Drawstring Denim

F. CLASSIC Drawstring Denim


100% Premium Hiroshima Selvedge Denim

14oz Rope DyedPatch Work Design with White Stitching DetailsRelax Tapered & CroppedChainstitched Selvedge HemDrawstring with Leather TipZipper FlyMade In Japan






The F. Classic Drawstring Denim pre-order period has ended and is available for regular order now. And thank you for all the support as this ensures that we are able to devote optimal time and resources into the actual production of a high-quality product. Producing on demand is also aligned with our sustainability effort and our vision to reduce wastage. 

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