F. CLASSIC - Fundamental, Forever and Future

Fundamental, Forever and Future; the F. CLASSIC collection embodies all the principles and beliefs that biro stands committed to.

It is an expression of the biro brand, which is dedicated to precision tailoring and purposely crafted in Japan. For 6 years, since we learnt about the fabric, we are still as committed to upholding time-honoured techniques and impeccable standards.

The launch showcases pieces that doesn't get out of style, withstands the test of time, gets better with age/wear and bears artisanal values with a strong story to tell.

Every piece blends the traditional Japanese manufacturing techniques with the revolutionary to give any individual a style of their own. Every piece conforms uniquely to the individual wearing style and lifestyle habits.


F. CLASSIC - Simple Tee


F. CLASSIC specifically incorporates Tsuri Ami 吊り編み – a type of loopwheel knitting machine originally developed in Italy, then perfected in Japan during the early 20 century. Each machine runs on 1000 needles that are painstakingly hand-set and consistently checked through by skilled workers. With this subtle element of human touch within the mechanised creation, it is no wonder why Tsuri Ami clothing respond and age like hand-made garments.


F. CLASSIC - Simple Tee, Tenchi Stitching Detail


F. CLASSIC - Nishijin Tee


Tsuri Ami Ki (Image: Okayama Denim)


Tsuri Ami Ki(Image: Okayama Denim)


Also known as Loopwheel fabric, this seemingly nondescript textile is so supple that it becomes immediately apparent to the wearer why it should be a wardrobe staple. It is also one of the rarest fabric in the world. Residing in the southeastern coast of Japan; Wakayama, only 2-3 remaining factories produces Loopwheeler fabric.

The superlative quality of Tsuri Ami is achieved through a long-winded process: Unlike the prototypical flat-knit machine that covers 24 meters of fabric per hour, the Tsuri Ami Ki (吊り編み機) rotate around cylinders to create layers and layers of cotton, producing only 1 meter of fabric per hour.

While seemingly inefficient, it is the same slow knitting that creates ample space between yarn threads, which thus becomes the key factor in creating Tsuri Ami’s luxurious softness and density with a sturdy texture.

Another difference between Tsuri Ami Ki and modern machines is its use of “bearded” needles. This rare needle type does not pull on yarn threads and lets the fabric rest vertically on the machine frame. The minimal tension exerted pays off when Biro’s Tsuri Ami garments fit like a glove without being stiff or uncomfortable.


“It took one full year to complete the developments and its design. The new garments have a looser weave, looser fit and soft feel. Not many craftsmen do this type of weaving anymore.” 


The philosophy of biro, and its F. CLASSIC collection, can be distilled into three words:


FUNDAMENTALS - Back-to-basics through the starting foundation of biro at a supremely high level of quality craftsmanship. This is origin.


FOREVER - The eternal theme that transcends time, like a texture, aesthetic is everlasting.


FUTURE - Established now and relevant in the future delivering sustainability in its true form.


“This is simplicity at its finest. The material, craftsmanship, human attachment and story. Not trying to make a perfect T-shirt, but the F. CLASSIC shirt embodies the spirit and values of our brand.” - biro