138 hours in Taipei

Coming out to take a walk in sunny Taiwan. Managed to meet some friends up and engaged in meaningful, deep conversations. These conversations led to ideas and newly formed thoughts. A valuable time to take a step back then one foot forward after the other and get carried away in those silent emotions.


Fujin StreetFujin Street






At A Crossroad


Mens Store - SYNDRO




One Time at Paper St.


Closing In


Vintage Walkway


Hype At Record Place


4 Hours And Counting


All In A Day's Work


New Old


Street Art


Top Of The World




This City


Everyday Ware & Co.


3 Strips


Hand In Hand


Mandatory Shot


Interesting Name


Watching Out


All Day Long




Through The Mirror, Through Everything Else


Keep Walking; Working




Visual Block


Ripped Walls


Plum & Soda


Streak Of Blue


Like A Cake